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Acne Evaluation
Acne Evaluation

Acne Evaluation

This test is carried out through dermatological evaluation to determine the efficacy of a product in reducing acne.

The test is conducted by a dermatologist who visually grades the severity of acne on the face. The severity of acne is determined by counting the number of acne lesions on the face and assessing their size and redness. The dermatologist assigns a score to the severity of acne, with higher scores indicating more severe acne.

The test product is applied to the face as per the recommended usage and for the recommended duration. After the usage period, the dermatologist re-evaluates the severity of acne on the face and assigns a new score. The reduction in the severity score between the initial evaluation and the post-treatment evaluation indicates the efficacy of the product in reducing acne.

This test is an essential evaluation to determine the effectiveness of a product in treating acne-prone skin and to demonstrate the efficacy of the acne-reducing products.

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