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Tensile Strength
Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength

The test is a commonly used method to determine the strength of hair. In this test, single hair fibres are clamped at one end, and the other end is pulled until the hair fiber breaks. The force required to break the hair fiber is measured, which gives an indication of the hair's strength. This test is used to evaluate the effectiveness of hair care products in improving hair strength and reducing breakage.

The evaluation of this test is done using Dia-stron, which is a sophisticated testing device that applies a controlled force to the hair tress and measures the resulting stress and strain. The Tensile Strength Test is performed both before and after the application of the hair care product to assess the product's impact on hair strength.

The test results are evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the product in improving hair strength and preventing breakage. The Tensile Strength Test is a crucial tool for hair care companies to substantiate the claims of their products and provide customers with a reliable measure of product efficacy.

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