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Damage Repair Test
Damage Repair Test

Damage Repair Test

In our Damage Repair Test, we employ a rigorous process to assess the effectiveness of hair repair products in combating damage caused by heat and pollution. Through controlled experimentation, we simulate real-world conditions to accurately evaluate the reparative capabilities of these products.

During the test, we subject hair tresses to intentional damage using controlled heat exposure and exposure to polluted environment. This simulated damage mirrors the challenges hair faces in everyday life. Subsequently, we apply the product under examination, which is specifically formulated to repair and restore damaged hair.

Through meticulous evaluation and precise measurements, we assess the product's ability to repair the damaged hair. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to meticulously analyze the overall condition of the hair, enabling us to precisely determine the effectiveness of the repair treatment.

The Damage Repair Test provides valuable insights for hair care product developers and researchers seeking to create effective solutions for damaged hair. By conducting controlled experiments and assessing the product's performance under realistic conditions, we enable evidence-based decision-making to improve product formulations and enhance repair capabilities.

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