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Patch Test For Normal Skin
Patch Test For Normal Skin

Patch Test For Normal Skin

This is a clinical test used to assess the irritation potential of cosmetic & personal care products for normal skin. This test is performed according to the BIS IS 4011-2018 safety evaluation standards for cosmetics & BIS 13424:2001 safety evaluation of bathing bars & toilet soaps. The test is carried out over a period of 8 days.

During the test, a small amount of the cosmetic product is applied to a patch, which is then placed on the skin of the test subject. The product patch can either be applied as closed patch, semi occlusive patch or open patch depending upon the type of product. The patch is left on the skin for a set period, and the skin is then observed for any signs of irritation or inflammation. This process is repeated for several days, with the patch being moved to different areas of the skin.

The Patch Test is a reliable and standardized method that allows cosmetic companies to evaluate the safety of their products before they are released to the market. The test helps to ensure that cosmetic products are safe for use and do not cause harm or irritation to consumers.

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