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Critical Wavelength
Critical Wavelength

Critical Wavelength

It is important for a sun protection product to provide adequate protection against UVA radiation, which can lead to premature skin aging and other skin damage.  
The critical wavelength is a measure that determines the level of protection that a product can offer against UVA radiation across the 290-400 nm spectrum. It indicates the point at which the product's ability to absorb UVA radiation starts to decrease. A product with a critical wavelength of more than 370 nm indicates significant protection against UVA radiation.  
Our clinical testing service helps cosmetic companies determine the critical wavelength of their products through meticulous testing, ensuring reliable, scientific evidence for labelling their products with accurate information about UVA protection. By providing this information, cosmetic companies can market their products with confidence and offer customers the protection they need against harmful UVA radiation. 

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