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Anti Miliaria
Anti Miliaria

Anti Miliaria

The test is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a product in reducing the severity of Miliaria, commonly known as heat rash. The severity of Miliaria is evaluated by a dermatologist using visual grading before and after the application of the product. The test is usually conducted on a group of human volunteers who have previously exhibited signs of heat rash.

During the test, the volunteers are asked to apply the product to the affected areas of their skin, and the dermatologist then assesses the severity of the Miliaria using a grading system. The grading system may be based on factors such as the intensity of the rash, the extent of the affected area, and the degree of discomfort experienced by the volunteer.

The aim of the Anti Miliaria test is to determine the efficacy of the product in reducing the severity of Miliaria and improving the overall comfort level of the volunteer. The test results can be used by cosmetic companies to support claims of effectiveness in reducing heat rash.

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