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Dark Spot Evaluation
Dark Spot Evaluation

Dark Spot Evaluation

Darck circles can be evaluated using 2 methods.

The 1st test involves a dermatological evaluation using the Skin Ageing Atlas, where the density of dark spots is evaluated.

2nd test is Image analysis, which can also be conducted using Visioface imaging, under cross-polarized light on each visit. The analysis compares the dark spots and adjacent normal skin to evaluate the reduction in density. The number and area of spots are analyzed in the selected area for the evaluation of density reduction.

3rd test using Mexameter® MX 18 instrument to measure the dark spot intensity (i.e. melanin content of dark spot).

This comprehensive testing approach allows for a thorough assessment of the effectiveness of cosmetic products in reducing dark spots, providing reliable results that can be used for substantiating claims and be trusted by consumers.

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