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Eye Liner
Eye Liner

Eye Liner

- Lasting Duration
The lasting duration of the eyeliner product is assessed by observing the extent to which it fades or smudges over time. This helps to determine the product's efficacy and durability under real-life conditions.

This test involves taking photographs of closed eyes for each subject under diffuse light using VisioFace instruments. The evaluation is carried out by comparing the photograph with a validated photographic scale for eyeliner.

The test is conducted using a sample group of individuals who apply the eyeliner product in accordance with the beauty company’s instructions. The photographs are taken immediately after application and at regular intervals over a period of several hours. The images are then visually analyzed by trained technicians to determine the lasting duration of the eyeliner product.

This clinical test is an effective way to measure the performance of eyeliner products, providing valuable insights into their effectiveness and durability over time. It helps manufacturers to improve their products and to provide consumers with products that meet their needs and expectations.

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