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- Lasting Duration
The lasting duration of lipstick can be evaluated through a sensory test performed by a panel of experts. The panel evaluates the intensity of color and glossiness on lips immediately after application and at regular intervals over a few hours using Visioface instruments. The duration of time that the color and glossiness remain intact is noted and recorded. The results of the test provide valuable information to beauty companies regarding the durability of their lipstick products and their ability to withstand daily wear.

- Sheen
The sheen or shine of the lipstick is evaluated by visual grading of images captured immediately after application and over a period of a few hours. The intensity of shine is observed on the lips and is compared before and after application of the product. This test is performed using Visioface instruments to capture high-quality images of the lips and analyze the data to determine the level of sheen. The results of this test provide valuable information to beauty companies about the product's ability to provide the desired level of shine and to maintain it over time.

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