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Make-up Removal
Make-up Removal

Make-up Removal

The clinical test for makeup removal involves taking photographs of each subject's face under cross-polarized light using VisioFace instruments. The aim of the test is to evaluate the effectiveness of the makeup remover in removing makeup from the face.

The photographs are analyzed using dedicated software to assess the amount of residual makeup left on the face after using the makeup remover. The analysis includes assessing the covering effect of foundation and any remaining traces of eyeliner, kajal, lipstick or other makeup products used. The test can also evaluate the effect of makeup remover on the skin by analyzing factors such as hydration, oiliness, and complexion homogeneity.

This type of test is particularly useful for cosmetic companies to ensure that their makeup removers are effective and do not cause any adverse effects on the skin. The results of the test can be used to improve the formulation of makeup removers and to provide consumers with reliable information and substantiated claims about the products' effectiveness.

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