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- Curling
- Lengthening
- Separation
- Volume
- Long Lasting

This test evaluates the performance of mascara products in terms of curling, lengthening, separation, volume, and long-lasting effects. The evaluation is done through visual grading of images captured immediately after product application and over a period of a few hours.

The curling performance of the mascara is assessed by the degree of upward curling of the lashes, whereas the lengthening performance is evaluated by the increase in the length of the lashes. The separation of lashes is evaluated by the degree of definition between individual lashes, and the volume of lashes is assessed by the thickness and fullness of the lashes.

Finally, the long-lasting effect is evaluated by monitoring the mascara's performance over a period of a few hours, checking for smudging, flaking, or any loss of curl, length, separation, or volume. This test helps to substantiate claims of the product's performance and helps beauty companies to make claims with confidence and create more effective products that meet the needs of their customers.

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