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Slimming Effect
Slimming Effect

Slimming Effect

This test is used to evaluate the effectiveness of products designed to reduce the size/ inches of/ around specific body areas. It involves measuring the circumference of a defined area before and after application of the product using a centimetric measurement tool. The product is typically applied daily for a set period of time, and measurements are taken at regular intervals to track changes in body size. The results of the test can help to determine whether a product is able to reduce the size of targeted areas of the body, and by how much.

To perform the test, the circumference of the thigh is measured before and after product application to determine the reduction in size. The product is applied to the affected area daily for a predetermined period, and the cellulite grading and circumference measurement are repeated at regular intervals.

This method is a reliable and objective way of assessing the slimming effect of products. It allows for quantifiable data to be generated, making it easier for cosmetic companies to make accurate claims about the effectiveness of their products.

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